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Kerry Irish Productions Inc.

Kerry Irish Productions Inc is an Irish owned production company based in Los Angeles. The company promotes and celebrates Irish culture and its rich traditions through the medium of music, dance, song and storytelling. The company’s Irish productions are presented in performing arts centers throughout the United States.

The Kerry Dance Troupe

The Kerry Dance Troupe was established by Kerry Irish Productions Inc with the intention of promoting and celebrating Irish culture and its rich traditions through the medium of dance and introducing these often forgotten Irish traditions to new audiences. These ‘ambassadors’ of Irish dance work with Kerry Irish Productions Inc on various aspects of Irish folk-dance, incorporating old Irish dance styles into modern Irish dance and thus forging the path between the old and the new. Through this process the best of ethnic and modern Ireland is represented, exposing audiences to the beauty, value, passion and uniqueness of our traditional ways that play such an important part in the life of the community.

Our Irish culture matters: we come from it, we are shaped by it, we identify with it, we draw from it and we must celebrate it!

This is exactly the ‘business’ we are about – I like to say ‘modern minds interpreting old traditions’…there’s the bridge – the continuum… bridging the old and the new.

Margaret O’ Carroll

Audio Samples

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